This new 4-volume set of books featuring stories and poems themed around the four elements evokes the sights and sounds of a diverse Commonwealth community. The books are gloriously illustrated with vibrant, full-colour pictures by world-renowned children’s illustrators, including Jan Pieńkowski, and makes the perfect gift for both adults and children.

Each book has its own particular magic – whether describing the simple pleasures of the sound of the ocean or the wind whistling through the trees; recounting the cunning tricks of clever animals; or enchanting the reader with the exploits of Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses – together they provide an evocative picture, capturing the sights, sounds and flavours of a global community.



"[A] richly valuable and incredibly useful resource for schools"

Chris Brown, The School Librarian

A River of Stories 1

A River of Stories 2

A River of Stories 3

A River of Stories 4


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