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From tiny island to vast territory, each of the member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations has a vibrant heritage of storytelling. With a central theme of water, this glorious collection brings together a tale or poem from each of fifty-four different countries – each country a member of the Commonwealth at the time of first publication. It is now complemented by three further volumes in the series, with their themes of earth, air and fire that together comprise the four classical elements recognised from ancient times across cultures.

Each entry brings its own particular magic – whether describing the simple pleasures of the sound of the ocean or the sun on your face, recounting the cunning tricks of clever animals; or enchanting the reader with the exploits of kings and queens, gods and goddesses – together they provide an evocative picture, capturing the sights, sounds and flavours of a global community. Jan Pienkowski’s dramatic and beautiful silhouettes unify these diverse tales and poems and complete a celebration of global storytelling that documents the meandering nature of tales that traverse continents.


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"There’s something on every page to enchant the reader."

Adèle Geras, prize-winning author

A River of Stories 1

A River of Stories 2

A River of Stories 3

A River of Stories 4


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