With a central theme of earth, this glorious collection brings together a tale or poem from each of the fifty-three countries of the Commonwealth. It complements the other three volumes in the series, with their themes of water, air and fire that together comprise the four classical elements recognised from ancient times across cultures.

Each entry brings us closer to the natural world – whether inviting us to sit under the shade of a breadfruit tree or listen to the music of raindrops on leaves, regaling us with the hilarious antics of animals or recounting the genesis of islands or the naming of flowers. Together they provide a fascinating glimpse into the extraordinary planet we all call home.

Poonam Mistry’s intricate and beautiful illustrations unify these diverse tales and poems and complete a celebration of global storytelling that documents the meandering nature of tales that traverse continents.

earth l

A River of Stories 2

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"… children and their teachers from even the tiniest Polynesian island will be able to say: I’m part of this. I am in this river of stories with millions of others."

Adèle Geras, prize-winning author


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